• Accelerate Development

    There's no need to cut scope or corners with the Buildit framework

  • Modern & Powerful

    Simplifed UI promotes an optimized experience for users.

  • Empower Users

    Create lasting user experiences both in the office and out in the field.

  • Enhance Data

    Elevate users interaction with their data using advanced visualization & charting techniques.

"We are business-driven, yet we do more than build highly-functional business solutions. We design provocative software and user experiences for companies of all sizes facing the challenges of becoming or remaining competitive in their industries."

Jason Ihaia, Buildit CEO

Main Features

Buildit is an enterprise productivity framework that extends Ruby on Rails and Sencha ExtJS,
allowing developers to produce robust, highly performant business applications for users in the office
and out in the field, in days and weeks, not months and years.

Powered by Ruby on Rails

Built on top of the worlds most popular web framework for the past five years.

Visualized with Sencha

Arguably the most comprehensive commercial or open-source Javascript presentation framework available in the marketplace today.

Cross Browser

Build once and run reliably across all modern browsers (including ie8+) and mobile webkits.


HTML5 and CSS3 web technologies have transformed the browser into a first-class application platform. These technologies afford a highly responsive rich internet application.

Desktop & Mobile

Whether your users are in the office or in the field, they'll have access to solutions desgined for desktop and mobile platforms.

Clean & Modern

We put particular emphasis on clean design using modern UI principles to remove the clutter and optimize the users experience.


Enable your users around the globe to acess your applications in a language that's familiar to them.

Web Sockets

Serving as a dedicated communication channel, you can push payloads of all sorts down to users browsers, eliminating client-side polling and uneccessary requests.

SOLR Fulltext Search

Apache SOLR is the most prolific search engine across the web today. Power your application with google style phonetic and facet based searching.

Authorization Framework

Integrated roles-based security allows you to create and manage permissions and privileges to all aspects of your application.

LDAP Integration

Bind to your corporate LDAP solution and eliminate the users need to remember additional user names and passwords.

Application Contexts

Release multiple/alternate desktops with a wide range of capabilities to select users in your community.

AMPQ Messaging

Powered by RabbitMQ, Buildit offers a complete and highly reliable and scalable enterprise messaging system based on the emerging AMQP standard.

Web Hooks

Buildit provides a means for users to register URLs to be called when key actions take place in the system. This enables real-time integration without the need for polling.

Comprehenisve Auditing

Track who is making what changes in the system and when. Detailed field-level auditing adds another level of traceability, showing what the value(s) were before they were modified.

Social Following

Collaboration is the key to productivity in a connected world. Allow users to follow what interests them and contribute socially with others as needed.

Real-time Notifications

Leveraging web sockets, you can broadcast messages, information updates or take control to all users, small groups or select individuals.

Email Integration

Monitor IMAP and POP3 email accounts and define processing rules. Sending outbound emails is just as easy via one or mulitple SMTP accounts.

Theming & Branding

Identity is everything, so leave your mark on your users and the world, with a look-and-feel that's all your own. Make your application as unique as you are and promote your corporate culture.

Hosted or Appliance

Deploy production ready solutions to the Buildit cloud or on to an appliance we provide. Take the guess work out of sizing, support and maintainability and be up and running in minutes.

5-star Support

Ask questions, provide suggestions or just browse community discussions. We have a vested interest in your success and will work tirelessly to ensure you that are.

With these key features and many more, you'll be building enterprise-grade
line-of-business applications in no time.

Are You Ready To Enjoy?

Empower your developers and liberate your user community. Oh, and do it all in days and weeks, not months and years.

Learn how an enterprise-class productivity framework such as Buildit can accelerate your initiatives. We've put the effort into the infrastructure and processes that power the enterprise needs so you can focus all your efforts on the business needs.

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Key Benefits

Business success need not be impacted by your ability to execute timely, relevant solutions.
Buildit removes the typical challenges and complexities and allows IT to focus on the end-users business goals.


The user experience framework removes the need for developers to have a keen eye for design. They will create highly optimized and uniform user components that will be visually stunning and cross-browser/device enabled.

Source Control

Quality and predictability in the software lifecycle is underpinned by source control. The ability to manage source and deployments is founded by the same principle and was one of our key charters to the platform.


Buildit along with Ruby on Rails and Sencha ExtJS provide an unparalleled set of tools and frameworks to rapidly build the smallest to the largest of applications. As the framework continues to enhance its footprint, so too can your custom extensions.

Not Rocket Science

Simplicity without compromise of capability was the number one objective for the framework. Following the guides, you can generate sophisticated user experiences without previous knowledge in the individual elements of the stack.

Proven Process

Following traditional development lifecycles and the guides we provide, you can leverage the framework to start small and grow into the largest of your application needs.

  • Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Deploy

  • Support

License Pack


50 Users

Perpetual License

Unlimited Applications

API Documentation

How-To Guides

Community Support

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50 Users

Annual Recurring Cost

License Pack Features

99.9% Uptime

Daily Backups

20GB Storage

SSH Access

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$5K Starting

All-In-One Solution

Three Different Sizes

No User Requirements

Multiple Support Options

Solid State Drives

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80 Hours

Quick Response

Email Support

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Using our expertise with Buildit, Ruby on Rails and Sencha frameworks and our unique position of working
directly with the various engineering teams, Buildit Services is able to offer a wide variety of services, including;

Mentoring & Planning

If you’re building a new application or readying an existing application for web or mobile access, our experts can provide trusted technical advice that enables you to optimize yours apps for performance, scalability, maintainability, and excellent user experience.

Team Augmentation

Based on project size, resource availability etc, our clients have often found it helpful to embed one or more of our solutions engineers directly into their development organization to work alongside their developers as subject matter experts.

User Experience Design

Our designers and developers can help you take your mobile or web app user interface ideas from concept to reality. Whether its a new application, or a refresh of an old one, we’re ready to give you the look, feel and functionality your users need to get the most from your app.


Buildit private on-site courses offer your team the opportunity to get the best possible training on Buildit products along with Sencha ExtJS and Ruby on Rails in the comfort of your own workplace or any other location you provide.

In addition to our own talented team, we work with a select group of systems integrators, designers and independent developers to offer you a broad range of experiences and approaches to leveraging Buildit.

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